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Jailbreak is ... Benefits are:

  • Powerful Apps


When you unlock you can bring your phone to any carrier.

Battery Replacement

Is your battery on your iDevice dying? Why buy a new device. Just replace your battery.

Google Android


Root is

Benefits of rooting:

  • Install Custom ROM
  • Make a complete backup of your device. In case of any failure, you can restore to exact point of backup.

Custom ROMs

Android is open source. If you like vanilla google version we have it. If you like something else we can install it for you.

List of popular Android ROMs:

  • Cynagenmod 7
  • Cynagenmon 9 (coming soon)
  • MUIU


Complete backup solution.

Set your device free. Break the grip from carriers and have total system control. Customize to your hearts content. Maximum performance.

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