Computer Services


Give us a call and learn to do it yourself! We will turn you into a computer pro with one-on-one training for:

  • Introduction to computers
  • Working with documents, photos, video
  • Going online and staying safe
  • Digital audio players like MP3, FLAC players
  • Working with videos, DVD, CDs
  • Introduction to Microsoft Office
  • Learn Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
What's Included

Service Options


(online only)
$100 1st hr

Training for 30 minutes of basic PC (e.g. PC basics, software, digital photo, digital video, digital music, social media)  
Training for 60 minutes (extended topics)  
Lessons in how to navigate in Windows
Lessons manipulating windows, connecting devices and common keyboard shortcuts
Lessons introduction to web browser basics
Overview of any popular software
Tutorial using your MP3 player, copy or burn your own CDs, and organizing your music library